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Serenia SNOWY White Birch Milky Cream 50ml

Serenia SNOWY White Birch Milky Cream 50ml

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  • Moisturizes, repairs skin barrier, and prevents dryness of skin stratum corneum
  • Control oil secretion and reduce pores
  • Anti-aging, anti-glycation, and improved skin texture
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, inhibit inflammatory factors
  • Repair cells


Please use after preparing your skin with lotion, emulsion, etc. Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your skin. It is recommended layering in areas where you are concerned about dryness. 


Birch sap, glycerin, NMN, butylene glycol, squalane, jojoba oil, hydrolyzed collagen, niacinamide, xanthan gum

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