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Serenia Daydream Perfect Finish Powder Compact

Serenia Daydream Perfect Finish Powder Compact

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Block UV rays and nourish skin at the same time. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, suitable for sensitive acne-prone skin. Modify pores, shine and other blemishes. Moisturizes and improves the moisturizing feel of makeup. Even skin tone, reduce fine lines and pores. 


  • After using the sunscreen, gently, press the powder to complete the base makeup. When applying makeup, use the power puff to apply to powder in circles, then gently pat it on the hands and press a small amount multiple times at a fixed point
  • For regular touch up, use a tissue to press the oily area, then use a powder puff to lightly press the powder, and apply makeup from the center of the face outwards. It is generally recommended to touch up makeup every 3 hours. 
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